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Clear Life Issue 5 Winter 2017

By Clear Life Magazine
  • Clear Life Magazine profiles Green Circle Salons.

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CosmoBiz Salon: Pages 60-63

By CosmoBiz
  • Thanks for the great article, Cosmobiz! Thanks to Selphi Eco Salon and Iva Bella Salon for being a part of our movement!

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Unrecycled Hair Gives Off Methane Gas: What Does Your Hair Salon Do With It’s Leftovers?

By Girlie Girl Army
  • While other salons across the US are tossing items like foils and pouring chemicals like ammonia down the drain, George the salon Chicago has found a way to recycle 95% of all leftover waste from daily services.

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Fanshawe College is training the next generation of stylists... sustainably!

By Megan Stacey - Woodstock Sentinel-Review
  • Have you ever wondered what happens to your hair after it's swept up from the floor of the hairdressing studio? At one local salon, it's being repurposed in ingenious ways.

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Louisville salons repurpose, recycle through Green Circle program

By Laurel Mallory - Wave 3 News
  • As efforts to go green ramp up, one company is helping the salon industry recycle.

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Indianapolis salon makes erasing carbon footprint its New Year’s resolution

By Naomi Pescovitz - WTHR
  • If you are starting the new year with a new haircut or style, have you ever thought about how much waste goes through your salon?

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Salons join together to recycle majority of their waste… even hair

By Susana Mas, The Ottawa Citizen
  • But what happens to all that hair after it’s been swept off the floor? Or the metal foil hairstylists use to give you that ombré hair or balayage? And what about all that extra hair product that’s left sitting in the mixing bowl?

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Alberni salons cut out waste

By Karly Blats - Alberni Valley News
  • Hair salons in Port Alberni are turning waste into opportunity with a new Green Circle certification program.

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Three county companies win recycling awards

By Samantha Hogan
  • County Executive Jan Gardner recognized three Frederick County businesses Tuesday for their efforts to reduce waste and increase recycling.

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How to Create a Profitable, Eco-friendly Salon

By Veronica Boodhan - Salon Magazine
  • Thanks to Salon Magazine, designHouse Salon, and Zazou Salon and Academy, for promoting how easy it is to be green with GCS!

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Becoming eco-friendly: Local salon hopes to ignite change

By Emily Wenger
  • Salon Incognito is working to reduce its carbon footprint, joining a movement to reduce the waste produced at salons, and is working to become more eco-friendly.

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Local businesses rewarded for environmental initiatives

By Alex Boates
  • This year’s Devon Business Expo featured a new element, the presentation of the town’s first ever Environmental Sustainability Award for businesses.

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Stylists team up for comfort at Salon Eleven

  • With more than 80 years of combined experience as beauty experts, Napa hair stylists Keli Campbell, Margaret LaPorte and Kelli Dussault work as a team at Salon Eleven, where they aim to create a soothing environment for customers and each other.

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Local businesses rewarded for environmental initiatives

  • This year’s Devon Business Expo featured a new element, the presentation of the town’s first ever Environmental Sustainability Award for businesses.

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Eco-friendly practices in hairstyling, aesthetics at Stratford Northwestern

  • Stratford Northwestern hairstyling and aesthetics teacher Cathie Riddell and Green Circle Salons' Ralph Bryant are shown with two of the new recycling bins in the school's cosmetology classroom this week. With the help of Green Circle Salons, students in the hairstyling and aesthetics program are part of a movement toward a cleaner and greener future.

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Savvy Guelph salon goes green

  • Valentini Hair Design & Spa is proud to be one of Guelph’s greenest salons. This popular downtown Guelph spa boutique has partnered with the innovative Green Circle Salon program.

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Shampooing the environment: Phoenix stylist sends hair to clean up oil spills

  • One Phoenix hair stylist is using his customers' discarded hair to help the environment. Ellsworth Street Social Club, led by stylist Darryl Reynolds, stores his clients' hair and sends packs to a Canadian-based company that will help process the hair into tools to clean up oil spills. 

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Clean sweep: Phoenix salon sends hair clippings to help with environmental spills

  • “Green Circle Salons came along and they had the idea of repurposing hair into brooms to clean up oil spills,” Reynolds said. 

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Go Green At Your Next Hair Appointment

By - Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.
  • 63,180 lbs of hair clippings, 42,122 lbs of hair color, 109,512 lbs of foil and color tubes, and 206, 392lbs of wastepaper, salon bottles, and other paper and plastic items – that’s the amount of waste being tossed out by hair salons across North America EVERY SINGLE DAY; that’s a whopping total of 421,206 lbs!

Watch the clip here...

Salon Today: Greening the Industry

by Laurel Nelson
  • Have you ever assessed what goes into your trash? Have you counted the number of bags that hit the dumpster every night after the salon closes? Maybe it’s time you should.

Trail Daily Times: Recycling helps salon stay green

by Sheri Regnier - Trail Daily Times
  • A downtown Trail salon is on the cutting edge of green every time they put scissors to hair.

CTV News Vancouver: Recycled hair helps mop up oil spills

by Lynda Steele and Sandra Hermiston
  • Hair salons produce a huge amount of waste every year, but now some Metro Vancouver salons are going green as part of a unique recycling program.

Iowa City Businesses Provide Style with a Conscience

By Little Village
"Little Village caught up with two area businesses that are thinking globally by acting locally. Representatives from HABA Salon (recently awarded Green Circle Salon certification for sustainability) and Revival new and vintage boutique offer their thoughts on this and more."
Read the article here...

Salon Magazine: 3 Good Reasons Salons Should Go Green

  • April is Earth Month, but don’t let these 30 days be the only time your salon invests in eco-friendly initiatives. Shane Price, president and CEO of Green Circle Salons explains how to take green to the next level in your salon.

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CBC News: Saskatoon Hair Salon Recycles Waste Beauty Products

  • Revamp Salon is the only Green Circle certified beauty salon in Saskatoon
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Comox Valley Record: Do good while looking good

  • Level 10 Eurospa joins the movement to keep people and the planet beautiful.
  • “Our clients are thrilled their hair clippings can be used for something positive, and it’s been surprisingly easy to do."
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You Beauty: Your Haircut is Contributing to Global Warming

by Marci Robin
  • When you get a haircut and the discarded hair is swept into garbage bags, an environmentally unfriendly process begins. The hair essentially mummifies, and when it ends up in a landfill, it contributes to 18 percent of U.S. methane emissions. That’s why a Canadian organization called Green Circle Salons is helping salons across North America make less wasteful choices, even with snipped-off hair.

Salon Magazine: Green Circle Salons Unveils Eco-friendly App

by Valerie Lam
  • Making it easier to incorporate eco-friendly initiatives into your beauty business, Green Circle Salons introduces Green it Forward. This innovative campaign rewards client referrals, spreads awareness of sustainability to consumers and even adds a tree onto the planet.

Bernardi Beauty Blog: Green Circle Salons Follow Up

by Natasha Bernardi
  • The work that Green Circle Salons does is so important. Take a moment to think of the positive impact they are making on the environment and future of the planet with their programs. It’s really incredible and I want to do whatever I can to support them.

Alternatives Journal: Green Hair Rocks

by Courtney Richardson
  • Progressive salons are trimming back their impact on the planet.
  • A NEW GENERATION of conscientious hair salons is cropping up across Canada, offering a breath of fresh air in a usually toxic industry. Here’s how salons and their customers can – pardon the pun – join the cutting edge of sustainability.  
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CTV News London: Salons help beautify hair, earth

by Celine Moreau
  • Salons across North America are becoming involved in sustainability initiatives, and with the launch of the "My Green Salon" app, consumers can now easily locate these businesses in their communities.  
Watch the full story...

Campbell River Mirror: Headquarters Hair Studio is making the beauty industry sustainable

By Jocelyn Doll
  • Headquarters Hair Studio has joined the Green Circle Salons mission to promote sustainable beauty by recycling items that previously would have ended up in the landfill.

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Paula Sands Live (KWQC): Pure Hair Studio contributes to a greener future by recycling everything from hair to foil

By Aubrey Jackson
  • Recycling everything from hair to unused hair color, Stacey Spillum owner of Pure Hair Studio explains how they are going green!

Watch the clip here...

Elephant Journal: Eco-loving editor loves Green Circle Salons' green movement

By Catherine Beekmans
  • The population of New York City grows enough hair annually to clean up 12,609,000 liters of oil, enough to have cleaned up the entire Exxon Valdez spill. Toronto Salons waste enough aluminum foil annually to manufacture 7,320 bicycle frames. If 7,320 more Torontonians biked to work, we would reduce carbon dioxide output by 42,920 tons.

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KMBC 9 News Kansas City: Oomph Salon in Leawood, Kansas, recycles everything its stylists use!

By KMBC 9 News Kansas City
  • Oomph Salon takes an important stand towards a green future by recycling everything the stylists use.

Watch the clip here...

Estetica Magazine: Kevin.Murphy joins Green Circle Salons in helping to shape a sustainable beauty industry

By Estetica Magazine
  • "It was love at first sight, literally - the first slide of Green Circle's presentation discussed leaving no waste behind," remarks Kevin.Murphy stylist and founder Kevin Murphy. "With unique initiatives like using hair to help clean up oil spills and turning color tubes and color waste into clean energy, Green Circle truly exemplifies our brand's key messaging of 'the choices we make' and how they affect the environment." Through the partnership, Kevin.Murphy will work with salons and their stylists to show how commitment combined with minimal effort can have a huge effect on the industry as a whole. Participating salons can expect to achieve 85%-95 waste diversion overnight.

Read the article here... EM Salon Takes Green to the Next Level

By Kristi Dobson
  • "All of those hair clippings that drop to the floor will be turned into giant pods and used to clean up oil spills. The hair is taken to a warehouse where the pods are stuffed and stored in the event of an emergency. All of the chemicals and colour, as well as the containers they are packaged in, will also be disposed of properly so the materials are not going down the drain. For the first time, EM Salon will also be able to recycle foils and wax strips that are used each day."

Read the article here...

Powell River Peak: Powell River hair salons cut waste and increase profitability

By Dave Brindle
  • According to Holly Lowes, owner of Afterglow Hair Lounge, the marketing advantage that comes from being green increases profitability.

  • "The way the world is going now, people are concerned about the environment and a lot of people are looking to support businesses that make an effort to keep the planet cleaner," said Lowes.

Read the article here...

The Spectrum: Salon 3|5 Provides Eco-Friendly Service, Displays Artwork

By Rio Bergh
  • "We are part of the Green Circle Salons program and so we recycle pretty much everything that comes out of the salon from the hair clippings, the foils, the color cans, old appliances, ink cartridges and even old light bulbs,” said Chloe Benz, one of Salon 3|5’s stylists.

Read the article here...

The Times of Chester County: Salon Secrets is now a Green Circle Certified salon

  • As a newly Green Circle Certified Salon, Salon Secrets in Longwood announced that it is now part of a comprehensive recycling and sustainability program that sets out to significantly reduce the industry’s environmental impact on the planet

Read the article here...

King 5 News: Green Circle salons recycle hair to clean oil spills

by Alison Morrow
  • Sensa Salon in downtown Seattle specializes in beauty, but they also know, that one man or woman's treasure is another's pile of aluminum trash.
Watch the full story...

Central Penn Business Journal: Central Pa. salons take to recycling

by Lenay Ruhl
  • Two local salons are among a small group nationwide helping preserve the environment and leading sustainable change in their industry.
Read the full story...

Fox 13 Tampa Bay: Nuovo Salon Group recycles 95% of their waste

by Lindsay Milbourne
  • Nuova Salon Group in Sarasota, Florida pampers their guests with the environment in mind. Green Circle Salons helps all four of their locations recycle 95% of their waste.

Watch the full story...

Red Deer Advocate: A social conscious salon

by Murray Crawford
  • Copper Lane Hair Studios owner Lane Tomalty holds up some hair that is destined to become the absorbent material in oil spill booms. Both her Red Deer salon and her Lacombe location are taking part in the Green Circle Salons program that works to keep the salons 95% waste free. From customers hair to waste product, and packaging, tea bags and coffee grounds virtually everything is recycled says Tomalty.
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WSIU: Carbondale Salon Using New Trends in Recycling

by Benjy Jeffords
  • E Claire Salon in Carbondale has partnered with Green Circle Salons and cut down their waste by 97%.

Read the article here...

Devon Dispatch: Local hair salon signs on with innovative recycling program

by Alex Boates
  • Peace said she first heard about Green Circle Salons about a year ago and was immediately interested in becoming a part of their team. Two years old in Alberta now, Green Circle Salons is an organization dedicated to making the salon a much more environmentally-friendly place.

Read the article here...

The Register-Guard: Laughing Crow, a ‘green’ salon, opens in Eugene

by Francesca Fontana
  • Melissa Bosch has opened a new eco-friendly beauty salon in Eugene. Laughing Crow Salon will receive a certification Thursday from Bring Recycling for staying green and adopting sustainable business practices including, using eco-friendly products, recycling waste materials and making use of recycled materials in their decor.

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Bristol Herald Courier: Grooming Green: The Parq

By C. Robert Weisfeld
  • The Parq Apothecary & Salon in Abingdon, Virginia, goes to great lengths to be eco-responsible. The salon is a new member of Green Circle Salons, implementing a comprehensive recycling and reuse program, significantly reducing the chic salon’s planetary environmental impact.

Read the article here...

Global News: Brio Salon’s unique recycling program

By Kimberly Tams
  • Kimberly Tams sits down with the owner of Brio Salon and talks about their unique recycling program with Green Circle Salons

Watch the clip here...

The Nova Scotia Businesss Journal: Queens County hair stylist opens environmentally friendly salon

By Brittany W. Verge
  • Celeste Martin is doing her part to make the world a little greener with the opening of an environmentally friendly hair salon

  • Celeste’s Hair Design is the first Green Circle Certified salon on the South Shore

Read the article here...

King 5 News: Seattle salons recycle foil, hair trimmings

By Teresa Yuan
  • A recycling movement is taking off in Seattle-area hair salons like Gene Juarez. Salons are recycling tons of hair trimmings and keeping chemicals from going down the drain through a recycling organization called Green Circle Salons.

Read the article here...

The Chronicle Herald: Hair today, less waste tomorrow

By Patricia Brooks Arenburg
  • Lori MacLeod-Doyle, Coordinator at ZigZag Hair Studio in Bedford, is helping the business change its ways through the introduction of environmentally friendly practices at a low cost to clients. ZigZag is one of 11 Nova Scotia members of Green Circle Salons, a Canadian company that helps more than 800 salons across the country and the United States cut down on what they send to the landfill.
Read the article here...

Global News: Beaconsfield hair salon goes green to protect environment

By Felicia Parrillo
  • Owner Tamara Rifai now recycles colour tubes, shampoo bottles, foil wraps and hair, since joining the Green Circle Salons program.

Read the article here...

The Barrhead Leader: BCHS cosmetology salon goes green

By Barry Kerton
  • Jennifer Teefy’s introduction to cosmetology class stands with BCHS’s new salon waste sorting system. This new system will enable BCHS cosmetology classes to reduce the amount of waste entering the landfill.

  • To receive Green Circle Salons certification the school learned how to separate their waste products, including hair, so that they can be disposed of in an environmentally responsible way.

Read the article here...

The Telegram: Hair today, recycled tomorrow

By Tara Bradbury
  • As of last week, Hair Factory locations in St. John’s and Halifax have gone green. They are the first salons in the province to become members of Green Circle Salons, a Canadian company that helps about 800 hair salons across the continent cut down on their garbage, including hair.

Read the article here...

Tb News watch: Salons have brush with green wave

By Nicole Dixon
  • Evoke Salon + Spa owner Amanda Benincasa recycles hair products into her new Green Circle bins. Her business is the second local salon to receive certification in a growing movement toward ecological hairdressing.

Read the article here...

CTV News: Canadian company hopes to make beauty salon industry go green

By Genevieve Beauchemin
  • A Canadian company is hoping to give the ugly side of the beauty salon industry a makeover. Revolution Hair Studio in Montreal's suburb of Beaconsfield is participating in a program that helps salons reduce the waste they produce.

Watch the clip here...

Pro Beauty Association: Going Green with Green Circle Salons

PBA Collective
  • Just in time for Earth Day, PBA collective discusses our Green Circle philosophy, upcoming projects and what it means to be green!

Read the article here...

Trail Daily Times: Green salon diverts waste to recycling

By Sheri Regnier
  • Stacey Chartres just shipped off foils, hair, leftover colour and other salon waste from Luca Hair Studio for eco-friendly reuse or disposal at a Green Circle centre on the coast.

  • Luca staff has diverted 604 lbs of waste from the local landfill - 480 lbs of solid materials and 124 lbs of liquid chemicals.

Read the article here...

CBC News: Saskatoon salon working to stay green with eco-friendly service

By Victoria Dinh
  • Parker and Floyd's Hair and Esthetics Studio is making environmental sustainability and waste reduction part of its mission.

  • Rose Botting, owner of Parker and Floyd's Hair and Esthetics Studio, says she hopes other salons in Saskatoon will follow their eco-friendly ways.

Read the article here...

CBC News: Salon Cure in Windsor signs recycling deal with Green Circle Salons

By Dale Molnar
  • An east Windsor hair salon has gone green — and we're not talking funky new hair dye

  • Salon Cure at 6525 Wyandotte St. E. became what is believed to be the first salon in the area to sign up with a company in Toronto to recycle waste that cannot be recycled in a blue box

Read the article here...

News-Press: Blue Dahlia Salon goes 'Green Circle’

By Casey Logan
  • Blue Dahlia Salon in downtown Fort Myers is one of only eight in Florida to become a "Green Circle Certified Salon

  • In 5 months of the year, Stuart said, the salon recycled 21 pounds of dry hair and 4 pounds of liquid. Empty color tubes and hair foil are also recycled

Read the article here...

Kezi 9 News: Laughing Crow is the first French Certified Natural Esthetics Beauty Salon in Eugene

By Angelica Lei Lani
  • The products used in the beauty industry can be harmful and that's why Melissa Bosch wanted her salon to be a safe place to work and get pampered 

  • The industry produces a ton of waste and to help divert that, even if they’re just one salon, then she can help other salons do the same thing

Read the article here...

CosmoBiz Salon: Creating Greener Salons for a Better Tomorrow

  • Never have we thought that the waste from salons such as hair, leftover chemicals, plastic tubes/bottles, etc. can actually be reused for better purposes...

Salon Magazine: Planet Friendly Partnership

  • Joico just got a whole lot greener. Partnering with Green Circle Salons (GCS), the brand has officially joined the eco-friendly movement.

Read the article here...

Stimuli: Hair Care That Cares With Green Circle Salons

  • Have you ever stopped to think about what kind of an impact such a major industry has on the environment? The salon and spa industry put hundreds of thousands of pounds of waste a DAY in North American landfills.

Penticton Herald: Penticton salon owner goes green with new shop

  • Unique not only in its commitment to being the greenest salon in Penticton, the city’s newest hair styling shop is also owned and operated by a man who is a relative rarity in the female-dominated profession

Alliston Herald: Alliston hair salon going green

By Brad Pritchard
  • The Hair Gallery Salon and Spa in downtown Alliston is about to join a growing number of salons across North America pledging to keep harmful waste and materials out of landfills

Read the article here...

Hometown Life: Farmington Hills studio becomes hair recycling salon

  • The Studio for Hair, a TOP 200 salon located in Farmington Hills, decided to do something about this issue by becoming part of the solution instead of adding to the problem

Read the article here...

Skagit Valley Herald: Escape Salon recycles recycles hair, foil, bottles & more

By Aaron Weinberg
  • The hair clippings in Escape Salon in Mount Vernon that were previously swept up and thrown into the garbage will go toward creating oil booms or pillows for refugees. Other items that will be recycled include bottles, foil and aerosol cans.

Read the article here...

ShawTV Calgary: Green Circle Initiative

by Lisa Wolansky
  • Salon Reform in Calgary joins Green Circle Salons, and owner Kerri Jarrett explains the value in running a sustainable business. 
Watch the full story...

Global TV Edmonton Morning News: Green Salons

by Mike Sobel
  • Edmonton's latest environmental initiative comes in the form of making beauty sustainable!

Watch the full story...

Montreal Gazette: Do you know what your hair salon does with your hair...?

by Caroline Tison
  • Les Salons Green Circle launches in Montreal, and salon guests are thrilled to hear about what this means for the planet, and their hair! 
Read the full story...

North Shore News: Salons promote green initiatives

by Annie Ellison
  • Supernova Salon in North Vancouver highlights the recycling and repurposing initiative that local salons have undertaken, in order to reach the city's green goals.
Read the full story...

Green Heroes: Shane Price

by TVO
  • Founder Shane Price speaks about how Green Circle Salons helps the Canadian salon industry

Watch the full story...

A Greener York: Green Circle Salons

by Rogers TV
  • Green Circle Salons President and CEO Shane Price goes inside a York Region Green Circle Member salon to show how the recycling and repurposing program works.

Watch the full story...

CBC News: Hair mats "magically" fast at controlling oil spills

by Charlene Sadler
  • Hair mats "magically" fast at controlling oil spills-"Hair attracts oil and it repels water, and it's a natural material that's otherwise going into landfills so we see the opportunity to divert it into something that is more sustainable and that makes sense," said Shane Price, president of Green Circle, which provides environmental consulting to beauty establishments.

Read the full story...

The Green Majority: Radio interview

by Daryn Caister & Lia Mazzolini
  • University of Toronto radio CIUT 89.5 speaks with Green Circle Salons about what salons across Canada are doing to reduce their environmental impact, and promote sustainability in their communities.

Hear the full interview..

The Green Majority: Radio interview Copy

by Daryn Caister & Lia Mazzolini
  • University of Toronto radio CIUT 89.5 speaks with Green Circle Salons about what salons across Canada are doing to reduce their environmental impact, and promote sustainability in their communities.

Hear the full interview..

Niagara Advance: Hair salon goes green

by Penny Coles
  • Foils, plastic tubes and hair can all be recycled.
  • Jaime Chevalier and her staff at Textures sweep up a lot of hair from the floor of her Virgil salon, and are accustomed to putting it in plastic bags to be picked up curbside weekly.
  • She has signed on with Green Circle Salons, a Toronto company that helps salons like hers recycle some of their waste, including hair.

GreenLiving Magazine: Beauty & The Bees

by Sue Kupka
  • Green Circle Salons is putting the "Bee" back in "Beauty
  • Green Circle Salons (GCS), an idea founded in 2009 by Shane Price, currently the President & CEO of Green Circle Salons. The idea was a mission with the the simple goal of helping the salon and beauty industry make a positive difference in reducing their environmental impact.  Price witnessed first-hand the desire of the beauty industry to find ways to reduce their environmental footprint and wanted to help and support their efforts

Read the full story

Green Beauty: Hair Today for a Green Tomorrow

by Donna Bishop
  • I love discovering innovative businesses. Those organizations that make you go “Wow! You are doing something awesome and unique.” When that is wrapped up in conscientiousness – even better.
Read the full story ...

Ottawa Life Magazine: Rediscovering Natural Beauty

  • One thing that we may not have stopped to think about is the effect our increased quest for beauty is having on the environment...
  • However, thanks to an organization called Green Circle Salons, based in the GTA, you can help your salon and make your own contribution to lowering that environmental impact...
Read the full story ...

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